Paloma Gas Heater Singapore

Paloma Gas Heater Replacement

7 Setps for Paloma Gas Heater Replacement

  1. Gas Heater Supply
  2. Gas Heater Installation Workmanship
  3. Pipe and Fittings Comply with PUB Regulation
  4. Clean up before leaving
  5. Gas Testing Certificate
  6. 1 Year Homeone Engineering Warranty
Paloma WALLMAN CUTE16 with MC-95

PH-16CWQE Specifications: Outdoor Use 148800 BTU/H Year 1997
Made by Paloma Industries Ltd in Japan

Paloma Gas Heater MC-95

Paloma PH-16SX WITH MC-117

PH-16SX Specifications: Outdoor Use 119100 BTU/H Year 2008 Made by Paloma Industries Ltd in Japan

Paloma Gas Heater MC-95

Rinnai Gas Heater founded in 1920, Rinnai & Co. first manufactured and sold pressurized oil stoves. By the late 1920s it had already established itself as a trustworthy manufacturer of gas tabletop stoves, gas ovens, gas heaters, and gas hot-water units.

Practice in Replacement, Repair & Installation. Safety Harness Equipment for Aircon Ledge Replacement. All of the work follow authority compliance carry out by PUB Licensed PlumberEMA Licensed WorkerEMA Licensed Gas Worker and Homeone Professional Technician. 

Paloma Gas Heater Repair

What to do when you see an error code?

  • Refer to the table below to ascertain the issue.
  • Call a certified professional NOT a handyman
  • Handyman does not have the training to handle a gas heater. Get a BCA registered contractor or a Licensed Gas Worker
  • DO NOT allow modification to the heater. It is dangerous!
  • The most dangerous modifications are bypassing the safety controls 1. To bypass the thermacouple and 2. Removal of the solenoid valve and replace with an empty pipe so that the heater doesn’t shut down when it detects a gas leak.
  • The most serious being bypassing the solenoid valve. This is removing the safety valve that will shut off the whole system when it detects a gas leak..
Paloma Gas Heater Repair

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Water Heater Electrocution

  • As seen on CNA Talking Point – A Serious Risk from Faulty Installation

The Danger of Water Heater Electrocution

  • Water heater electrocution is a serious risk that can lead to injury or death. Faulty installation, poor maintenance, and improper use of water heaters are some of the main causes of such incidents. It is important to be aware of the risks and take necessary precautions to prevent accidents.

Faulty Installation

  • Faulty installation of water heaters can lead to electric shock and fire hazards. Improper grounding, exposed wiring, and inadequate insulation are common causes of electrocution. To prevent such risks, it is crucial to have a licensed and experienced plumber install your water heater and perform regular inspections to ensure proper functioning.

Importance of Professional Installation

  • Professional installation of water heaters by a PUB licensed plumber is crucial to ensure their safe and effective operation. Licensed and experienced plumbers have the necessary skills and knowledge to install water heaters correctly and according to safety standards. They can also submit the installation to PUB for certification that it is safe to use. DIY installation or hiring unlicensed contractors can lead to serious risks, such as electric shock and fire hazards, and may not be certified by PUB as safe for use.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of water heaters is essential to ensure their safe and efficient operation. A licensed plumber can perform regular checks to detect any issues, such as rust or corrosion, and address them promptly to prevent potential risks. Neglecting maintenance can lead to serious safety hazards and reduce the lifespan of the water heater.
  • In conclusion, water heater electrocution is a serious risk that can be prevented with proper installation and regular maintenance. Hiring a licensed plumber for installation and inspections, and addressing any issues promptly, can ensure the safe and efficient operation of your water heater. Stay safe and enjoy the benefits of a properly functioning water heater with regular maintenance.

Water Heater Explosion

  • As seen on CNA Talking Point hidden dangers of water heater could has the risk of explosion.

Due to Blocked Drain Pipe Neglected by Handyman

  • The unlicensed plumber did not check whether the drain pipe in the wall was obstructed. This prevented pressure from releasing and the pressure continued to build up until the water heater exploded.

Due to Improper Installation of Pressure Relief Valve by Handyman

  • Some handyman do not install the drain pipe at all. When the water heater releases steam, water droplets can land on the ceiling, causing wet patches. Handymen may cover the drip to stop the water, but this will also stop the pressure relief valve from releasing pressure. As a result, the pressure will continue to build up until the water heater explodes. 
Ariston Water Heater CNA
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5 Reasons

Paloma Gas Heater No Hot Water 

  1. Pilot light is out: The pilot light is a small flame that ignites the gas burner in the heater. If the pilot light is out, the heater will not produce hot water. The pilot light may have gone out due to a draft, a clogged pilot tube, or a faulty thermocouple.
  2. Gas supply issue: The gas supply to the heater may be interrupted or insufficient, preventing the burner from igniting and producing hot water. This could be caused by a gas valve that is turned off or a gas line that is blocked or damaged.
  3. Thermostat malfunction: The thermostat in the Paloma gas heater controls the temperature of the water. If the thermostat is not working properly, it may not signal the burner to ignite, or it may cause the burner to shut off prematurely, resulting in no hot water.
  4. Blocked or damaged flue: The flue in the Paloma gas heater is responsible for venting exhaust gases outside the building. If the flue is blocked or damaged, it can cause the heater to shut off automatically to prevent the buildup of harmful gases, resulting in no hot water.
  5. Faulty burner or heating element: A faulty gas burner or heating element can prevent the Paloma gas heater from producing hot water. The burner may be clogged or damaged, preventing gas from reaching the flame, while the heating element may be burned out or damaged, preventing the water from being heated.


Paloma Gas Heater Price

  • Question: Where Can I buy Paloma Gas Heater?
  • Answer: Paloma Gas Heater Is no longer in Singapore. It left for 6 years ago.

Paloma Gas Heater Installation

  1. It’s essential to comply with regulations set forth by the Energy Market Authority (EMA), the Public Utilities Board (PUB), and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for Paloma gas heater installation in Singapore.
  2. To comply with the EMA regulations, the installation of the Paloma gas heater must be carried out by a licensed gas worker who is registered with the EMA. After the installation is complete, the gas worker must issue a gas testing certificate in accordance with the Gas Act to certify that the gas installation is safe and meets all necessary requirements. This certificate is important as it proves that the Paloma gas heater has been installed and tested safely and efficiently.
  3. To comply with PUB regulations, the installation must be carried out by a licensed plumber who is registered with the PUB. All fittings used in the installation must comply with PUB regulations in accordance with the PUB Act 2001. This includes pipes, valves, and other components used in the plumbing system.
  4. It’s important to note that in addition to the above regulations, the installation of Paloma gas heaters on aircon ledges must also comply with BCA regulations. The BCA regulations require that any equipment installed on an aircon ledge must be securely mounted and have adequate safety provisions to prevent falls and ensure the safety of occupants. This may include the installation of railings, barriers, or other safety devices.
  5. Overall, it’s crucial to comply with all regulations and requirements for Paloma gas heater installation to ensure the safety and reliability of the system. Working with a licensed gas worker and licensed plumber who are knowledgeable about EMA and PUB regulations can help ensure that all necessary requirements are met. Additionally, complying with BCA regulations for aircon ledges can help ensure that the Paloma gas heater installation is safe and secure for occupants.
Paloma Gas Heater Installation
Paloma Gas Heater Installation

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